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Voyages of the Sailing Vessel SeaSpace

Brandon and Kathy Jones

K&B in Tonga

Why "SeaSpace" ?

What's In a Name

Is There Meaning Behind "SeaSpace" ?

Naming a boat is often difficult; it was no different for us. We struggled for quite awhile before coming up with SeaSpace. The name comes from the SeaSpace scuba diving exposition which is an organization that I have been involved with for over 20 years. I believe that the original name came from the fact that the exposition featured under-Sea exploration and was held in the Space City (Houston).

Our vessel "SeaSpace" will allow us to explore the Space both above and below the Sea.

(Note that the name Seaspace® and the logo are registered marks of SEASPACE, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable corporation.) Many of the volunteers who produce the Seaspace weekend are members of the Houston Underwater Club (HUC).


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