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Lights in Count Basie Square

New Year's Eve


Staying in Lucaya

New Years 2005

On December 31st, 2004 we were still in Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island, waiting for our weather window to move south, so we went to the New Year's Eve party at the Port Lucaya Town Square and on New Year's Day (in the evening) we went into Freeport to see the Junkanoo parade.

New Year's Eve

Kathryn, John and Peter

Kathy in 2005

The merchants at Port Lucaya put on a New Year's celebration at the Count Basie Square bandstand. It was free except for drinks which aren't expensive compared to those in a hotel. We spent a total of about $12 for the entire evening. So the blurred pictures are not the result of the photographer's having too many beers but because of the dim lighting that required time exposures.

Count Basie Square


There was a live band, dancing and fireworks over the water at midnight. The only downside was that Kathy sprained her ankle when she missed the last step leading down to the dance floor. But she danced anyway. The ankle didn't give her much trouble until the next day when it swelled up. However, it steadly improved with each following day.

The fireworks over the boats and the water were quite beautiful. To see a full size version of the fireworks picture, just click on it. Then you may need to click "View" and then "Full Screen" (on my computer using Internet Explorer this was needed).

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Our Explorer Chart describes Junkanoo as follows: "a festival parade of brightly costumed revelers making lively music in the streets. It originated in the Bahamas by way of Africa." Each set of performers is organized by a group similar to the "crewes" that organize the Mardi Gras parades. There are judges to pick the best group. In Nassau the Junkanoo on New Year's Day starts in the middle of the night and goes on until dawn. Luckily, the one in Freeport starts at about 6:00 PM and lasts only 3 or 4 hours (we only lasted for the first two groups and were back to the boat by 8:30 PM).






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