Brandon during Gulf Stream crossing

Voyages of the Sailing Vessel SeaSpace

Brandon and Kathy Jones

Kathy during Gulf Stream crossing

New Year's Eve and Junkanoo

January - Boat Repairs, The Exumas

February - More Exumas

April - New Providence to Miami

The Bahamas and More

Logs for 2005

The beginning of 2005 found us still in Lucaya on Grand Bahama waiting for the winds to let up so that we could move south. The first log is not strickly speaking about cruising, but I couldn't resist showing some pictures of New Year's Eve and of the Junkanoo parade on New Year's Day. The pictures are in the first log.

Later we moved to the Berrys, Nassau and the Exumas. These trips are described in the January and February logs.

In March, we were in Texas, Colorado and California. We visited friends and relatives and went skiing.

In April, we were back on SeaSpace. We took her from New Providence all the way back to Miami. This trip is described in the April log.


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