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Brandon and Kathy Jones

Brandon Sailing


Week 1 - Great Beginning, Horrible Ending

Week 2 - On to New Orleans

Week 3 - New Orleans to Mobile

May-June - Alabama to Florida

July - South Florida

August and September - Hurricanes

December - Heading for the Bahamas

Sailing, Motoring and Repairs

Logs for 2004

During January 2004 we continued work on the boat (see the last log for 2003). Then on the first of February we began the first leg of the trip (which included a major problem in Louisiana). This leg took us from Clear Lake to Mobile, Alabama.

Colorado and Greece

We were in Houston, Colorado and the Greek Isles during March, April and the first half of May. While we were on the Greek Cruise we got married.

Brandon Skiing Kathy on Mountaing

Next Leg of the Journey

On May 28 we started the next leg of the journey. The May-June log describes our trip from Mobile, Alabama to southwest Florida. The July log describes our cruising down to Marathon in the keys and then up the east coast of Florida to Melbourne. The August-September log describes our trials and tribulations with the 4 hurricanes that hit Florida. The December log describes our attempt and eventual success in getting to the Bahamas.


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