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Voyages of the Sailing Vessel SeaSpace

Brandon and Kathy Jones

K&B at Blue Marlin

July - Bring back the Boat

October - Harvest Moon Regatta

August 2003 thru January 2004 - Improvements to SeaSpace

Passages, Races and Boat Improvements

Logs for 2003

In June we finally bought the boat. Then in July we brought SeaSpace (then named La Bella) back to Galveston Bay, Texas from Mobile Bay, Alabama. The trip would involve our first overnight "passage". (Actually, it was two nights in a row.)

In October we participated in the Harvest Moon Regatta, an offshore race from Galveston to Port Aransas.

The first two logs describe the two trips.

When we were not on these trips, we were upgrading SeaSpace to make her suitable for full time cruising. The third log describes all of the additions that we made. The list is long and probably not of interest to non-sailors.


C. Brandon Jones
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updated April 4, 2004