European River Cruise

European River Cruise

Brandon and Kathy


Vienna - Schonbrun Palace

Vienna - Schonbrun Palace

July - European River Cruise

July - Vienna (After the Cruise)

2019 - River Cruise in Europe, Visiting Family in Vienna

We only had one major trip in 2019. But it was broken into two pieces: a European River Cruise and a stay in Vienna sightseeing and visiting Kathy's daughter Kyra and her family.

  • July - Cruise on the Rhine and Danube Rivers
  • July - Vienna, Austria

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The first part of the trip was the river cruise. The cruise was picked by Glenn and Deana Brown to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary'


Largest Church Organ in Europe (in Passau) with 17,000 pipes

Click here to see a few pictures from that trip.

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After the cruise (which ended in Budapest) we flew to Vienna to sightsee and visit with Kyra and her family.

Vienna 1 Vienna 2

Vienna Riding School

Young Ponies in Training

Here are just a few pictures from our visit to Vienna.

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