Brandon in Big Bend

Brandon in Big Bend

Brandon and Kathy


Kathy in Big Bend

Kathy in Big Bend

April - Big Bend, Texas

June - Anniversary Cruise in the Mediterranean

July - Hawaii

July - Norway Cruise

Fiji photos

2014 - Big Bend, Mediterranean Cruise, Hawaii,

Norway Cruise, Scuba Diving in Fiji

In 2014 we continued to pursue our photography. Kathy and I each had 3 photos on display in the lobby of Bass Concert Hall on the UT campus. One of them is shown below - Kathy's picture of paddle boarders on Lady Bird Lake looking west from the Lamar Street bridge.

Chairmen of the Board

I was the speaker at the April luncheon of the Austin Newcomers Club. I talked about travel to out of the way places: Egypt, Indonesia, Truk, Palau and Yap. I used my photographs to illustrate my talk.

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Here are our major trips for 2014:

  • March - Skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • April - Sightseeing in the Big Bend area of Texas
  • June - Anniversary Cruise in the Mediterranean
  • July - Visit Kathy's Grandchildren (and children) in Hawaii
  • July - Cruise in Norway and visit Jan and Brit in Oslo
  • October - SCUBA Diving in Fiji (Brandon)

In addition to these major trips, we went to Houston to be at the party celebrating our friend Bob Straight's graduation. As this is being written in late October, Kathy is visiting a friend in California and driving up to Yosemite National Park.

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In March, we went to Beaver Creek, Colorado for our annual ski trip.

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Our first big trip of the year was a bus trip to the Big Bend area of Texas. The trip was organized by someone that is in our continuing education classes at UT. Click here to read about that trip and see some of the pictures.

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Our next trip was a Mediterranean Cruise celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our wedding. Click here to read about that trip and see some of the pictures.

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In July, Kathy's daughter Kyra and her husband Joe rented a house on the big island of Hawaii. Kathy and I spent a week there, mainly to visit with the grandchildren. Click here to see some of the pictures.

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Later in July, we flew to Copenhagen to board a cruise ship for a trip up the Norwegian coast all the way to the North Cape. At the end of the cruise, we flew to Oslo to visit our friends Jan and Brit Herstad. Click here to read about that trip and to see some of the pictures.

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In October, I went to Fiji to scuba dive. I stayed on the motor-sailor Naia. Kathy and I had been on this boat in 2001 in Tonga to snorkel with the humpback whales. Because of airline schedules and prices I stayed in a resort for 2 days at the start of the trip and at the end of the trip. During my time on the Naia I wasn't well and as a result the diving and underwater photography didn't go well. The 2 pictures below are the only almost keepers of the trip. I did get some nice pictures of the resort. You can see those here.

Fiji-1 Fiji-2

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And while doing all of those things, we did projects around Austin. As mentioned above I gave a talk at the Austin Newcomers Club luncheon in April. Kathy and I are involved in the Photography Interest Group in Newcomers. Kathy is helping one of the members transition from using iPhoto to using Adobe Lightroom. I have taken over the job of organizing the photos to show at each month's meeting of the Photography Interest Group. We are volunteering at the "AGE" computer lab.


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