Las Vegas

Neon Boneyard

Eldorado Ghost Town

Zion Ghost Town

Photography workshop in Las Vegas and Zion

March 2013

In late March 2013, Kathy and I went to Las Vegas to take a photography workshop run by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. The workshop was called "Dusk to Dawn, Las Vegas to Zion". This would be a different type of workshop for us - no early morning shoots, only evening and night ones.

The first evening we went to the Las Vegas strip (see Kathy's photo below). We shot from dusk until almost midnight. Here are some more pictures from that evening.

Bellagio Fountains

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The following night we went to the "Neon Boneyard Park" where old neon signs go to rest. Here are some more pictures of the park.

Neon Boneyard Park

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The third night we drove out to the Eldorado Ghost Town (the picture below). Here are some more pictures from that night.


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The next day we drove down to Zion National Park. I took the panorama below of the typical scenery in Zion. Here are some pictures from another ghost town that we visited that night. The last image of star trails is a composite of 5 four minute exposures.

Zion Panorama

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On our last night (still in Zion) we took star images (not star trails). Here is one of mine.


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