Memphis University School 50 Year Reunion

September 2011

   MUS Campus

On Friday, September 23rd, Kathy and I flew to Memphis for my 50 year high school reunion. I graduated in the class of '61 from Memphis University School (MUS), a boys college prep school in Memphis, Tennessee. The picture above shows the main courtyard on the campus of MUS.

   MUS Football

That night we went to the school for a barbecue dinner with my classmates (and other reunion classes). After dinner, we all headed over to the stadium to watch the homecoming football game against the highly ranked (5-0) East High School. The team turned in a stunning performance, beating East 41 to 0. The iPhone pictures below are courtesy of John bell.

   At the Game    At the Game

After the game, we went to the home of Pitt and Barbara Hyde for a chance to catch up on old times. It was great to see everybody again and to find out what they had been doing.

   At the After Game Party    At the After Game Party

   At the After Game Party    At the After Game Party

On Saturday morning, Kathy and I walked over to the campus to take some pictures. I showed her the part of the building that was there when I was in school. We checked out the grounds and the historical marker.

   MUS Grounds    MUS Grounds

   MUS Grounds    MUS Historical Marker

   Kathy and Hostorical Marker

After looking around outside the grounds, we went into the football stadium area. There was a 5K run in the stadium. When it finished, there was grammar school football.

   MUS Football Stadium and Track    MUS Football Stadium

At noon on Saturday, the school hosted a luncheon for those attending their 50 year reunion. The headmaster, Mr. Haguewood, told us a lot about the school's history since we left and about the current operation.

   Mr. Haguewood    The Class of '61

Saturday night we all got together for cocktails and dinner at the Memphis Country Club. Now that we had been together a couple of times and gotten reacquainted, we could just tell tales and have fun. A good time was had by all.

   Dinner at Memphis Country Club    Dinner at Memphis Country Club

Kathy and I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion. We appreciate the hard work of Scott May who organized everything, Barbara and Pitt Hyde who opened their home to us, and Jody Brown who made the Memphis Country Club available to us.

A complimentary email from Jim Thomas portrayed my feelings exactly, but in a much more eloquent way than I could have. He wrote "I will confess that after such a long absence (50 years!), I was a bit apprehensive. Would I recognize anyone? What would we talk about? Would I get bored after the first few minutes? Well, about 30 seconds after I walked into the dining hall all doubts vanished when I was enveloped in the warmth and camaraderie of our class. I truly didnít want the weekend to end."

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