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St. Lucia Dive Trip - June/July 2009

Anse Chastenet Kathy and Brandon Turtle

On June 27th we set out for the little island of St. Lucia, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean . It is part of the Lesser Antilles and one of the Windward Islands. Kathy thinks it just might be the prettiest island she has had the pleasure to visit. Being a volcanic island, it is replete with mountains, forests, and lush flora and fauna. We stayed at the Anse Chastanet resort, known for its spectacular beaches, fabulous food and generally beautiful accommodations. We did not have air conditioning, but that turned out not to be a problem as there was a soft tropical breeze and a little rain to keep us cool and in a laid-back island mood.

We went diving every day from the resortís dive boat. The diving was not spectacular (the fish were scarce and the visibility was not great). However, the sponges and turtles were a real treat. The diving was easy and the dive operation at the resort was well run.

The links in the menu on the left will take you to pictures that will give you a good idea of the beauty and splendor of this tropical island.

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