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Back Yard

Brandon and Kathy


Front Yard at Dusk

Front Yard at Dusk

New House Photo Gallery

June - Yellowstone and Jackson Hole

July - Eldred Colorado Ranch

August - Scuba Diving in the Bahamas - Sharks, Kathy, Fish and Sponges and Worms

October - Alexandria, Virginia

2008 - New House, Yellowstone, the Bahamas

Colorado, Oregon, Canada, Montana

We took several trips in 2008. Here is the list:

  • March - Skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado and Yoga in Vermont
  • June - Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • July - Visit Kathy's friends in Colorado and go to Chloe's birthday party in San Marcos
  • August - Scuba diving in the Bahamas
  • August - Visit Kathy's brother in Oregon and take a train across British Columbia
  • September - Hurricane Ike hits Houston and Charles moves in for a few days
  • October - Brandon takes a Photo Course in Missoula, Montana while Kathy visits her daughter near Washington, D.C.

In December of 2007 we bought a house in Austin, TX. During the first four months of 2008, we decorated the house and had major repairs done. Here is a link to the new house photo gallery.

In February, grandchildren Alex and Chloe stayed with us for a weekend while Valerie and Mike worked on their new house in San Marcos. We took them to the park and for a hike up the hill. Here are some pictures.

In March Brandon went skiing in Colorado and Kathy went to a yoga and knitting retreat in Vermont. I am really not kidding about the yoga/knitting retreat.

We were supposed to spend most of May scuba diving and sightseeing in Thailand and Cambodia. Unfortunately, Kathy discovered that she had breast cancer and that she needed an operation. As a result, we cancelled that trip.

Later in May, granddaughter Tess stayed with us while Audrey and Dan packed up for their move to their new house. We took her to the pool, for a hike up the hill and to the park. Here are pictures at the pool.

In June, we went to Wyoming - Yellowstone and Jackson Hole - with 3 other couples. The guys are Brandon's roommates from Rice. Here are some pictures from Yellowstone and here are some from Jackson Hole. And here is the complete journal of the trip.

In early July, we visited Kathy's friends from high school, Roberta and Ken Eldred. We went to their ranch near Montrose, Colorado. Here are some pictures.

Later in July, we went to San Marcos for granddaughter Chloe's birthday party. Here are some birthday pictures.

Aqua Cat


The first week in August we went on a dive trip with the Houston Underwater Club. We spent the week aboard the M/V Aqua Cat, a catamaran style motor vessel. The entire trip was in the Exhuma Cays chain of islands where we had spent the winter of 2004-2005 on our sailboat. We enjoyed revisiting some of the same islands on this trip. During the trip, we saw interesting fish life, sponges and worms, and iguanas on the beach. And on this trip I finally, after 30 years, got some good shark pictures (on the dive where they fed the sharks). And of course I got some good pictures of Kathy. There were quite a few good sunsets.

Towards the end of August, we spent three days in Oregon visiting Kathy's brother Ed and his wife Deborah. And Kathy got to see her niece and nephew who were there for a visit. Here is the complete journal of the trip.

After Oregon, we flew to Vancouver for our train exploration of Vancouver Island and the route between Vancouver and Banff and Calgary. Here is the complete journal of that trip.

In September, hurricane Ike hit Houston and knocked out the power. Charles came and stayed with us for a few days until his power came back on. In addition, the son and daughter-in-law of one of Kathy's friends (Marilyn) came and stayed until their power was restored.

Bitterroot River

Lee Major Reserve

In October, Brandon spent a week in Missoula, Montana taking a photography course at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. These are two of the photos that he took there. After the course, he met Kathy in Washington, D.C. for a visit with Kyra and Joe (actually in Alexandria, Virginia). After that we visited Dolores and Neil Murphy in Easton, Maryland and Marilyn and Marshal Mazer in Potomac, Maryland.

While in Alexandria, we checked out Kyra and Joe's new house, explored Old Town, and walked down to the Potomac. We saw the Capitol across the river. Here are some pictures that we took there.

On December 6, we went to San Antonio to be at Tess' 4th birthday party. Here are some pictures that we took there. After the party we went into San Antonio and took pictures of the Alamo and the River Walk at night.


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