New Year's Eve 2006

New Year's Eve 2006

Brandon and Kathy


New Year's Day 2007

New Year's Day 2007

New Year's Cruise Photo Gallery

April - Scuba Diving in Belize

June - Photo Safari in Tanzania

July - Scuba diving in Curacao

September - Exploring Europe by River Boat

2007 - Ocean Cruise, River Cruise, Photo Safari

Mexico, Curacao, Africa, Europe

We went on several major trips in 2007. Here is the list:

  • January - New Year's Cruise to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  • March - Skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • April - Scuba Diving in Belize
  • June - Photo Safari in Tanzania, Africa
  • July - Scuba diving in Curacao, Netherlands Antillies
  • September - River Boat Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest

In addition to these trips, we spent time in California, San Antonio and Austin.

We have some great memories, but we also had some difficulties in 2007. Kathy's mother died in July which was a very sad time for her and her family. We spent a month in California taking care of her mother's estate and selling her home in Palo Alto. She will be missed by everyone who knew her. Due to her passing, Kathy missed the Curacao dive trip and I came home early to help Kathy.

As I update this page in mid November, we are looking forward to several special events as the year comes to a close. Several of the children (of course they are adults) will come here for Thanksgiving. Kathy is going to San Francisco for Holly's birthday in November. Kyra and Joe are coming for a visit in December. We are buying a house in Austin and planning for next year's trips to Thailand and the Bahamas.

The journals of this year's explorations are different from past year's journals. They are mostly picture galleries rather than trip logs. For some of the trips there is an MS Word document that gives more details. You can downoad it if you are interested. The picture galleries themselves also have a different look and feel. I am using Adobe Lightroom to create them rather than building them by hand. I hope that they are a little more refined looking.


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