With a troll at the Oslo ski museum

With a troll at the Oslo ski museum

Brandon and Kathy


At a pub along the Shannon river

At a pub along the Shannon river

Oslo - Ships and Sculpture Parks

Across Norway to Bergen

Bergen - Salmon, Grieg and the Hanseatic League

Ireland - Driving Tour

Ireland - Shannon River Boat Trip

Norway and Ireland - June 2006

From Viking Ships to River Boats

In June we set out to explore Oslo and Bergen Norway and most of the southern half of Irelend.

Oslo - Old Ships and Old Friends

Viking Ship

In Oslo we saw viking ships, polar exploration ships, Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki and Ra boats and the Vigeland sculpture park. But most importantly, we visited with my friends Jan and Brit - I have known Jan since 1966.

Bergen - Fjord Scenery and Grieg's Home


Fish market

On the trip from Oslo to Bergen, we saw spectacular scenery in the mountains and the fjords. In Bergen we visited Grieg's home, Hanseatic League buildings and the waterfront fish market (see the salmon in the picture on the right).

Ireland by Car

Green fields

At the cliffs of Moher

On our road trip in Ireland, we saw it all - from scenery to sheep, from castles to the Cliffs of Moher, from the Waterford factory to waterfront villages.

Ireland by Boat

Shannon River

One of the locks

On our boat trip up the Shannon River, we saw swans, locks, small villages and local pubs with live music.

These two pictures were taken by the Murphys, the couple who took the boat trip with us.


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