In Tonga

In Tonga in 2001

Brandon and Kathy


After getting married

Getting married in 2004

Exploring Copper Canyon

Diving in Roatan

Diving in Micronesia - Truk, Palau and Yap

Kathy's Mom's 90th Birthday Party

Exploring Norway and Ireland

Colorado Reunion

Diving in Wakatobi, Indonesia

2006 - Exploring, Diving and River Cruising

Mexico, Honduras, Micronesia, Europe

We made several major trips in 2006. They included:

  • January - Copper Canyon and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico
  • February - Scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras
  • March - Skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • April, May - Scuba diving in Truk (Chuuk), Palau and Yap, Micronesia
  • June - Visiting friends in Norway, exploring Ireland by land and taking a river boat up the Shannon River
  • July - Visiting Kathy's mom for her 90th birthday in Palo Alto, California
  • August - Hiking and rafting in Colorado
  • September - Scuba diving in Indonesia

In addition to these trips, we went to San Antonio to see Audrey, Dan and Tess; and we went to New Orleans to see Valerie, Mike, Alex and Chloe (before they moved back to Houston). In August Kathy drove across the country with Holly on her move to San Francisco. In December we went back to California for a pre-Christmas visit with Kathy's family.

We had Thanksgiving at Valerie and Mike's house with all of the children and grandchildren.

Audrey, Dan and Tess were at our house for Christmas eve. Then they flew to Ohio. We had Christmas dinner at Valerie and Mike's house with Chloe, Alex and Charles.

Finally, we took a New Year's cruise that left Galveston on December 30. The pictures from that trip are in the Journal for 2007.


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