In Tonga

In Tonga in 2001

Brandon and Kathy


After getting married

Getting married in 2004

Skiing in Colorado

Diving in Bonaire

Seeing Friends in Austin

Diving in Cozumel

Cruising to New England and Canada

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

2005 - Cruising and then Diving

Colorado, Bonaire, Austin, Cozumel, New England & Canada

Most of the first part of 2005 we spent on our boat SeaSpace in the Bahamas. Those explorations can be seen in the SeaSpace 2005 Logs. During March we came back to the States to visit family and go skiing in Colorado. Pictures of that trip are shown below.

After we finished cruising and got SeaSpace back to Clear Lake, we did major maintenance on the house and began planning some trips for the rest of the year. So far (in early December of 2005) we have been diving in Bonaire, have visited friends in Austin, and gone diving in Cozumel. Then we took a cruise to New England and Canada. After Thanksgiving I visited New Orleans once some of the damage from Katrina had been repaired (Valerie and Mike were allowed back in their house in Metarie in September). Kathy went to California to help her mom with a hospital visit. We had Chritsmas in Houston - Kathy's girls came for the holidays and Audrey, Dan and Tess came two days later.




Needle work

This year in Colorado Kathy didn't ski, but she did visit us up on the mountain, help with the cooking and work on her needle work.

The scenery was as breathtaking as always, and this year we had snow on some days.

The Mountain

The Group


Chair Lift

Restaurant on the mountain

Looking up from the bottom

All of us in front of the house

When it was time to go home, none of us wanted to leave.



Lake House

Lake Austin

There are five of us who were room mates at Rice in the 60's. We try to get together at least once a year. Mac is gracious enough to host the gathering at his house on Lake Austin. This year all five of us and our wives got together in August for water skiing, swimming and telling lies about our adventures over the past year.

Reminiscent of years past, we discovered a problem with the boat. While waiting for it to be repaired, I tried out a feature of my camera that facilitates taking panoramas. Here is Lake Austin in front of the house. The picture covers about 180 degrees.


After the boat was repaired, we decided to head for the water. The girls discussed what to do next while the guys launched the boat. After everyone was aboard, we headed out.

The girls

Launching the boat

Heading out

The first day Kathy and Glenn skied. Kathy got outside of the wake for the first time. It was Glenn's first time to ski in a number of years. After a hard day of skiing, we all relaxed at the water's edge.




The next day more people skied.

Getting the ski ready

Dava in the water

Dava skiing

Sometimes after riding in the boat we would all go for a swim. And once the girls put on a water ballet show. Then they towed the boat back to the dock.

Going for a swim

Water ballet

Towing the boat

After more boating, Dava prepared an Italian feast for supper on our last night.

More boating

Italian feast

Italian feast

Before we all went our separate ways, there was the obligatory group photo opportunity. We all discussed how to organize it. While we were getting our cameras ready, Martha told everyone where to position themselves. In the end, the picture turned out a little more interesting than it has in some years. (The picture here came from Martha; it was better than mine.)

Discussing how to get organized

Setting up the cameras

The final picture

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Ghosts - Kathy and Brandon

After our cruise to New England and Canada, we started the rest of the last quarter of the year by spending Halloween at Mac and Dava's house. The entire neighborhood knows that it is the place to go to get treats and to be very scared. We went as ghosts and hearded the visitors up the sidewalk and towards the haunted bushes. Kathy is on the left and I am on the right - we don't know who the skeleton in the middle is.

River Walk lights

The Alamo at night

We had Thanksgiving in Houston with Holly. Afterwards, we went to Austin and then to San Antonio to visit Audrey, Dan and Tess. While there we went to the river walk to see the Christmas lights and to see the Alamo at night.

The picture below on the left shows the restaurant (Casa Rio) where we ate before taking the boat ride on the river. Some of the boats can be seen in the picture below on the right.

River Walk lights and Casa Rio

River Walk waterfall

River Walk lights and boats

Kathy at the Alamo

The Alamo at night

A week or so after Thanksgiving I went to New Orleans to visit Valerie, Mike, Alex and Chloe. At the same time Kathy went to California to visit her mom and to help her with some hospital visits.

Kathy & Brandon on Christmas day

The whole group on Christmas morning

We had Christmas in Houston. Kyra, Joe and Holly came to celebrate with us. Kathy got to decorate the house for the first time in quite a while, which made her very happy.


Presents under the tree

After opening the presents

Audrey and Tess

Dan, Audrey, Tess and Charles

Two days after Christmas, Audrey, Dan and Tess came to visit. And Charles came for dinner. So in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, we got to see all of our children and grandchildren at least once, and some of them twice. And Kathy got to see her mother. It was a very good holiday season.

Tess reading

Tess smiling up at Dan

Tess on the sofa


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