Formal night a week before

Formal night a week before the wedding

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

After the ceremony

Just after the ceremony

Wedding at Sea

Getting Married in International Waters

With the captain

As if a cruise of the Greek Isles with eight of your best friends is not a spectacular enough event for one year, we decided to get married while on the cruise. After we received the brochure describing the cruise ship and all the amenities we noticed that they had a wedding chapel. After checking it out, we decided to surprise everyone (including the friends on the cruise with us) by letting the wedding coordinator plan our wedding aboard the Star Princess.

Saying our vows Saying our vows

Signing the ship's log Signing the ship's log

The witnesses sign The witnesses sign

We could not have been more pleased with our decision. The staff onboard did a wonderful job; it was truly as lovely a ceremony and reception as we could have imagined. And since it occurred in the middle of our own cruising adventure aboard SeaSpace, having the ceremony take place in the gorgeous international waters off the coast of Santorini made it that much more special.

Now we are married
Now we are married

Posing for the web cam
Posing for the web cam

The whole group poses
The whole group poses

Map of the wedding location

We were able to choose the color and style of our flowers, the music to be played before, during and after the ceremony and the type of reception we wanted. We have the most beautiful wedding album, compiled by the wedding staff, of the entire event. We choose from hundreds of photos taken before during and after the ceremony. They also gave us a lovely photo of a map showing the coordinates at sea where we actually said our vows. We framed this photo and displayed it in the salon on SeaSpace.

The ceremony was at 11:00 o'clock in the morning with the reception following immediately after. Kathy wore her dress and carried the flowers the whole day. That was lots of fun as other people on the cruise gave us their congratulations. One couple was given a bottle of champagne by their travel agent which they gave to us as they didnít drink. So we celebrated the whole day.

Our only regret was of course that our families could not be with us. However, when we discoved that there was a web-cam that would be taking pictures of the entire ceremony, we immediately emailed our families so they could watch the ceremony and be with us in spirit. However, 11:00 in Europe would be 4:00 AM in Texas and 2:00 AM in California. So it was going to be somewhat difficult for people to watch. To solve this problem, Brandonís son Charles wrote a program on his computer to capture the pictures. And Kathy's son-in-law Joe stayed up to watch and manually captured the pictures. So anyone who wanted to see them the next day could do so. Joe emailed the pictures to people and Charles put them up on his web site.

The web-cam pictures:
Web cam pictures Web cam pictures
Web cam pictures Web cam pictures

One of the perks of getting married on the ship was that we got a tour of the bridge after the ceremony (so they could take pictures of us there). Kathy was amazed at how small the wheel was to steer this huge ship (you can just barely see it between Kathy and the Captain). Actually, of course, they almost always use the electronic autopilot to steer.

On the bridge
On the bridge

The Reception The Reception

The Wedding Cake The Wedding Cake

The corsage and announcement The corsage and announcement

The whole group later that night The whole group later that night

It was truly a day never to be forgotten. The perfect weather, the blue water, the lovely ceremony and being with our good friends made it a perfect wedding experience.
When we returned home, we sent this announcement out (via email) to let everyone know that we had really done it. The photograph was taken on one of our trips to Cozumel.

Wedding Announcement Wedding Announcement


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