On the Acropolis in Athens

On the Acropolis in Athens

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

At the library in Ephesus

At the library in Ephesus



2004 Cruise Ports of Call

Turkey - Ephesus and Kusadasi

Ephesus - In the Footsteps of Paul

Road to town


The ship docked in the port town of Kusadasi. Several of us hired a taxi (rather than taking the shore excursion package) and had the driver take us to Ephesus - a 30 or 40 minute drive through the Turkish countryside. Exploring Ephesus without a guide would be possible as Don and Lois had a reference book describing all of the buildings.

We were excited about our one day in Turkey. We would walk the streets that Paul walked. We could imagine that he saw poppies growing wild just like the ones that we saw.

Road to the library

Library Facade

When we got to Ephesus, we found some of the best preserved ruins of an ancient town that I had ever seen. As we walked down the street towards the library in the distance, you could imagine the Ephesians coming out of the store fronts or sitting in the amphitheaters. At the bottom of the street we came to the facade of the Ceisus Library (in the picture on the right as well as above).

The pictures below are of two amphitheaters that we explored. The first one (somewhat smaller) was probably used for plays and meetings. The larger one (the two pictures on the right) was where Paul preached to the Ephesians.

Small Amphitheater Small amphitheater

Boats near the waterfront Larger amphitheater

Fisherman with octopus where Paul preached

Kusadasi - Rug Merchants and Forts

Rug Salesman

Silk thread from cocoons

On the ride back from Ephesus, our taxi driver said that there was a weaving school on our way. He asked if we would like to stop and see how Turkish rugs were made. We knew that there would be some pressue to buy a rug and that the driver probably got a kickback, but we said yes anyway.

The manager of the school (rug salesman) was very personable and his talk was interesting. He had a young girl show us how they pulled the silk thread from the silk cocoons. He explained the difference between cotton, wool and silk rugs.

Then he offerred us some hot apple tea and spread all of his rugs out on the display floor. He knew when we accepted the tea that we were hooked. Kathy and I bought 3 by 5 wool and cotton rug. For the next year we had it on our boat and now it is on display in our house.

Weaving a rug Weaving a rug

Finishing the edges Finishing the edges

so many rugs

So many rugs to choose from

After buying the rug, we returned to Kusadasi and did some sightseeing in the bazaars and around the fort.

Flags at the port


Star Princess at Kusadasi


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