On the Acropolis in Athens

On the Acropolis in Athens.

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

At the library in Ephesus

At the library in Ephesus.


2004 Cruise Ports of Call


Santorini - Another Picturesque Greek Isle

Trail up the cliff

Santorini, like Mykonos, is one of those picturesque islands that you dream about when someone mentions the Greek Isles. On Mykonos we had wandered the town by ourselves and had been very impressed. Unfortunately, on Santorini we thought we needed to take the organized tour. We were disappointed and wished that we had done it on our own.

Part of the problem was that there were two cruise ships visiting a very small island and the transportation system (cable cars and donkeys up the cliff) couldn't handle so many people.

Church bell tower

Church interior

For our tour, the tender took us to the end of the island where we could disembark and get on a bus for a tour of the island. The bus took us to a mildly interesting Greek Orthodox church, but it was crowded. Next we drove around the island, not seeing much of interest and wasting the precious little time we had on the island.

Church and town

Town and hillside

When we finally got to the town (where the interesting sights were) it was time to get in the long line waiting to ride the cable cars down to the water. I scurried around and got a few good pictures, but I didn't have time to get to the right positions to get the shots that you see in the brochures.


Bell tower

By the time I had taken a few shots, we were so late that we walked down the mountain along side the donkeys rather than waiting for the cable cars. We were sorry that we had taken the tour, but Santorini was a beautiful place and we would certainly go there again.

Star Princess


Star Princess


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