On the Acropolis in Athens

On the Acropolis in Athens.

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

At the library in Ephesus

At the library in Ephesus.


2004 Cruise Ports of Call


Mykonos - The Quintessential Greek Isle

Internet Cafe

When we arrived in Mykonos on May 9th, we felt that this was the perfect Greek Isle that we had been dreaming about. We probably took more pictures here than anyplace else. The island was gorgeous - so many photo ops.

Mykonos has a picturesque waterfront (a real working harbor where fishermen bring in their catch early in the morning), sidewalk cafes, windmills, and the typical blue and white houses. We saw a fisherman tenderizing recently caught octopus by hitting them on the boulders at the edge of the water.

And in addition to all of that, there was an internet cafe (see the picture of the sign on the left) where we could check our email for less cost than on the ship.

The first pictures below are of the waterfront.

Waterfront Waterfront

Boats near the waterfront Boats near the waterfront

Fisherman with octopus Fisherman with octopus

Next are the waterfront cafes and the "Little Venice" area.

Downtown cafes Downtown cafes

Cafes right on the water Cafes right on the water

Little Venice Little Venice

Next are the blue and white houses and the alleyways. Notice that everything is spotless. There is no trash anywhere.

Typical blue and white house

Typical blue and white house


Extra clean alleys


Finally, the very interesting windmills.





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