On the Acropolis in Athens

On the Acropolis in Athens.

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

At the library in Ephesus

At the library in Ephesus.



2004 Cruise Ports of Call

Civitavecchia and Tarquinia

For tours of Rome, the ship stops in the port city of Civitavecchia. We decided not to go into Rome as it is a one and one half hour bus ride each way. rWe had both been to Rome before and did not want a long, tiring day of sightseeing. (We got married the day before and wanted to relax.)

Instead, we chose to explore Civitavecchia and Tarquinia (the nearby Etruscan town) with Don and Lois.

Civitavecchia - The Port for Rome

Port entrance

Emporer Trajan built Civitavecchi as a new port for Rome when the original port became unusable due to silt and sediment. The harbor is guarded by a renaissance fort completed by Michelangelo in 1557. The fort sustained some damage during World War II but is basically still intact and quite impressive.

We explored the fort and the area around the port.




We then walked into town and checked out the local vegetable and fish markets. There were no tourists to be seen, only locals doing their shopping.




Tarquinia - Etruscan (pre-Roman) Artifacts

Olympia Columns

After exploring Civitavecchia, we took a bus to the town of Tarquinia. There are still some Etruscan ruins in the town and there are quite a number of medieval structures including parts of the wall that surrounds the town.




However, the main reason for coming to Tarquinia was to see the Etruscan tombs. We walked past the wall and out into the countryside where we found signs that pointed out each of the tombs that have been preserved. A sign next to each one described the tomb, when it was discovered and when it was created. The wall paintings in the tombs reminded me very much of the Egyptian tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

view of the countryside A view of the surrounding countryside

directions to the tombs Directions to the various tombs

sign pointing to one tomb A sign pointing to one tomb

house over the tomb The building erected over the tomb

sign describing the tomb The sign describing the tomb

going down into the tomb
The steps going down into the burial chamber


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