On the Acropolis in Athens

On the Acropolis in Athens.

Brandon and Kathy

"2004 Explorations"

At the library in Ephesus

At the library in Ephesus.


2004 Cruise Ports of Call


Cannes - Rich and Famous Everywhere

Beach and harbor

The ship offered tours up and down the coast and to nearby Monaco, but we decided to wander around Cannes on our own.

The film festival was in full swing, but we couldn't get passes to see anything, so we explored the main shopping boulevard. Every high priced designer store imaginable was on this street. Kathy thought the attitude of the sales staff was remarkable. Only a few days before when she was in a bazaar in Turkey, the shopkeepers would drag her into the stores and put leather coats on her. Here in Cannes, they didn't even want you to come into the store unless you were a celebrity.

Others reported seeing Will Smith and Brad Pitt, but all we saw were ordinary people attending the film festival (they all had ID badges).

However, at least on a side street we did find an Internet Cafe so we were able to check our email. We then had a lovely lunch at a nice sidewalk cafe.

Kathy by the film festival sign

Flowers along the main boulevard

Internet Cafe

After lunch we climbed the hill to the old town area. This is where the normal people live.

Up the hill to old town

Up the steps to old town

Old town apartments

When we got to the top of the hill we had a view of the harbor and down into people's back yards. After we got back to the ship, we saw one of the yachts owned by the rich and famous motor by. Notice the helicopter on board.

View of the harbor

Balconies and back yards



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