Kathy & Brandon's Next Adventure

Cruising Plans

Since we have limited cruising experience, deciding where to head initially is something of a problem.


Kathy and I have been diving in Mexico and sailing in Belize. So heading South to Cozumel and the atols of Belize is tempting. However, the trip would involve a multi-day passage and we are not ready for that. (We may never be.)

The other option is to head East to Florida and the Bahamas. We could do day trips in the ICW to Florida. Then there is the sometimes difficult trip across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. We believe that if we wait for the right weather, this trip shouldn't be too bad.

After the Bahamas, who knows. We would both like to explore the windward and leeward islands of the Eastern Caribbean. But the trip from the Bahamas to the Virgin Islands is against the prevailing winds. If that trip looks too daunting the first year, we may head up the East coast of the US for hurricane season.

Eventually we would like to explore most of the islands of the Caribbean. Then, who knows? Maybe the South Pacific.

NOTE: The above was written about a year ago. Due the accident and a couple of trips we now plan to head for Florida, the Keys and up the East Coast during the Spring and Summer of 2004.
updated April 24, 2004