Our sail boat in Belize

Our sail boat in Belize.

Brandon and Kathy


Kathy at the airport in Cozumel

Kathy at the airport in Cozumel.



2000 - First Adventures

Sailing in Belize, Scuba Diving in Cozumel

In 2000 we went on our first sailing trip together to Belize and we went on our first dive trip to Cozumel.


After Kathy and I had known each other for awhile, I started going to her sailing club meetings with her. There I heard about a trip that was being organized to sail catamarans in Belize. Kathy had already known about the trip and had signed up to go. I decided to go along. This was my first "bare boat" charter where a skipper from the club would be captain and each boat would do its own provisioning, cooking, navigating, sailing, etc. My previous sailing trips had been on "crewed charters" where the boat came with a captain and a cook, so this was a new adventure for me.

Blue water

Rendezvous Island

We saw the lovely, aquamarine water and we explored uninhabited islands. We enjoyed the sailing, snorkeling and exploring. Kathy got to pet a large ray and I was able to take a few underwater pictures.

But the captain was not a good leader; it was hot and buggy; and the boats were not air conditioned.

So the trip was a mixed bag of fun adventure and unpleasant conditions.

French Grunts

Kathy eyeing a needle fish

Kathy petting a large sting ray


In 2000 Kathy took lessons and became a certified SCUBA diver. She had signed up for lessons once before but the class didn't make so she pursued other activities. But now that she and I were together she wanted to go diving with me. Learning to dive was an unexpected emotionally draining experience for her but she came through with flying colors.

Kathy & Brandon

Rock Hind

I took her on her first dive trip over Labor Day weekend. The Houston Underwater Club goes on an annual trip to Cozumel over Labor Day. She was somewhat timid and stayed close to me, but she did very well. On the last day she was independent enough that I could take my camera down and get a few pictures. Kathy is good at spotting critters. On a night dive we were able to get a look at the normally shy Cozumel "Splendid" Toad Fish (see the bottom 3 pictures below) as well as play for a few minutes with a small octopus.

Queen Angel Fish

French Grunts

Kathy examining a sponge

Splendid Toad Fish

Splendid Toad Fish

Splendid Toad Fish

All in all, Kathy's first dive trip was a success.


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